A locally-owned, family operated European and San Francisco inspired artisan bakery. All our baking is done from scratch at the Calgary Farmers' Market, behind those black & white walls.

Everything that we sell is prepared and baked there!

Yum started after owners Debbie and David saw a need for a full service West Coast style, European inspired boulangerie at the Calgary Farmers' Market, originally on Currie Barracks. They bought out an existing bakery at that location, but quickly realized that they would need some help in fulfilling their vision. They were blessed with some great help and mentoring, and when the Calgary Farmers' Market re-opened in the current Blackfoot space, Yum was born. With the support of their seven children, they run a family operated business, focused on creating an environment for an exceptional food and customer experience. 

As the bakery grows, they continue to experiment with new items, and to improve in all aspects of what they offer - taking influences and inspiration from around the world!